Scrap Your Vehicle

End of life vehicles (or ELV) is a car or light commercial vehicle which is disposed of at licensed authorised treatment facilities (ATF). Oristown Auto Recyclers is one of few ATF’s in the country that can appropriately dispose of such vehicles.

How to scrap your vehicle?

Here at Oristown Auto Recyclers we make this process a friendly experience, we offer a collection or drop off service at the Best Price. Get in contact with one of our team through our mobile line, land line, our Facebook page or websites;

The process of disposing an ELV

On arrival of the vehicle the owner must have the log book registration and identification. Once that is approved the owner will receive a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) - this is deregistration of the vehicle (vehicle is no longer the responsibility of the registered owner). The payment for vehicle is based on its weight which is weighed at our facility on the weighbridge.

The second step is the depollution of the vehicle. All hazardous fluids are removed and recycled from the vehicle e.g. oil, fuel, brake fluid and coolant.

The next step is then the removal of all hazardous materials from the car. This involves the dismantling of parts such as tires, batteries, harmful plastics and gases which are sent to specialist recycling facilities. Other metals allocated on the vehicle are also separated e.g.  copper and aluminium.

Once the vehicle has been successfully depolluted the remainder of the vehicle is then crushed in the baler. The vehicle is baled into a small rectangular size and chopped if necessary. This is then sent away to be reused in creating more useable materials.

Safe scrapping of your vehicle

We take great care in reaching maximum standards when recycling scrap metal or your End of Life vehicle. At Oristown Auto Recyclers we can issue our customers a Certificate of Destruction as is required by the Department of Transportation to cancel the motor tax charge relating to that vehicle. So you can put your mind to ease and know that your vehicle has been scrapped under allregulations.

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